Month: April 2016


Georgian traditional sweet CHURCHKHELA is made from walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cleaned pumpkin seeds or pieces thereof and/or various dried fruit stringed on a thread and lowered down into condensed grape or mulberry juice for several times – we read in the document registered by SakpatentI. Starting from this period, CHURCHKHELA is officially registered Georgian Brand and to protect it is the duty of each person.     FORM: The length of standard CHURCHKHELA is 20-35cm, diameter is 1.5-4cm. As exception, the production of CHURCHKHELA with non-standard length is also admissible.   ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS: The condensed dry juice and relevant...

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Wine and Georgian Music

A good wine is like a good music – it consists of a number of notes the combination of which gives us its unique aroma. Georgian wine resembles Georgian songs. We can tell that it is as polyphonic and diverse as the songs are.   During making this article I talked just about wine with those people for who music and wine represent the main components of their life. My hosts were musicians Niaz Diasamidze, Robi Kukhianidze, and ethno-musician Tamaz Gabisonia.   Niaz Diasamidze: “I can’t say no on you and wine.”   I met with Niaz Diasamidze in...

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History of Paul Bocuse

A long time has passed since a human being started getting food and cooking it on an open fire. The human being experienced evolution and together with him his taste used to develop, the food product ration used to increase. Homo sapiens became more attentive to the food product quality and was improving the “primitive receipts” from century to century.   The culture of having dinner collectively has formed together with cultural development of human being. In the epoch of ancient Rome and Greece sitting at table represented a special ritual process. We have seen many samples of engravings...

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Political Receipts from the Chef of Latvia

President of “Slow Food” With announcing its republic nobody’s territorial integrity has been breached, and the fullness and healthiness of many stomachs have been maintained.   Eat Slowly and Get Old Slowly   Martins Ritins is the number one chef of Latvia. In this business neither the competition is arranged nor the positions are divided but his restaurant is one of the best sightseeing of Riga. And the start of the restaurant is its founder and its Chef Ritins.   Everybody can agree that food is very important part of the national culture. Martins Ritins continues this idea logically...

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240 years of History of the House of Veuve Clicquot

In 1772, Philippe Clicquot, born into a family of textile traders and vineyard owners, founded a wine merchant House under the Clicquot name. His ambition was to “cross borders” and, true to his word, Venice was the destination of his first shipment of champagne.   In 1775, a pioneer in the production of rosé champagne, the House exported its first bottles of “pink wine” to Lausanne.   In 1798, Philippe Clicquot brought his son François, recently wed to Barbe Nicole Ponsardin, into the business.   1805 brought the untimely death of François Clicquot. Aged just 27, Madame Clicquot courageously...

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