Keti Jurkhadze

Director of Wine school

and Studio “kabistoni”


Wine “Orovela” from Winery “Chandrebi”

The winery “Chandrebi” was establishe in 2001, and its vineyards are located on the right bank of the Alalzani River, in the village of Ikalto. It is one of the most picturesque Districts of Kakheti Region. The vineyard is located at 520m above sea level and its relief is terraced. The microclimate is characterized with hot summers and mild winters. Total area under vine is 40hectares out of which on 35hectares is laid out Saperavi vineyard, and on 5hectares – Mtsvane (white grape) vineyard.


Wine “Orovela”. “Saperavi” 2005.

Color – Dark pomegranate, exuberant bearing Black Mulberry, Blackberry and Cherry notes.

Palate – Velvety refined tannin, with the balanced, long finish, and mild refined flavor of oak that is caused with aging it in French and American oak for 12 months (50% of “Saperavi” is aged in French oak, and 50% – in American oak).

Serving Temperature: 14-160C.

Pairing with Meals: A good accompaniment to Beefsteak, Mtsvadi (barbeque), Steak, and the wild meat.