Sommelier Temo Benidze introduces the wine Shavkapito by Chateau Mukhrani

Temo BenidzeSommelier, Restaurateur

“Shavkapito” by “Château Mukhrani”

Type: Dry red

Vintage: 2012

Volume: 750 ml

Best enjoyed at: 13°C – 14°C

Alcohol: 12.5%

This amazing wine in an elegant ruby-colored dress produced from homonymous autochthonous grapes grown in Shida Kartli region has a rich berrylike aroma, with dominant familiar flavors of ripe alibukhari, plum and cherry.

Those with a trained palate will even notice exotic traits of spices which turn the nurtured product of a fertile land and skillful hand into a polyphonic symphony. Warmth of spicy pepper and romantic harmony of clove and cinnamon wrap the elegant wine into the generous gown of a golden autumn.

This fleshy and balanced wine, enriched with the velvet touch of ripe tannins heralds the arrival of a cold winter. Its long finish and impressive, loaded scent will certainly make your evening an unforgettable one.

Matured in French oak, it is best served with grilled wild boar, duck and even rabbit.