Whisky – “Refined Daredevil”

Giga Khatiashvili, President of Whisky Club

Speyburn 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

 In the title I have called this drink the “Refined Daredevil”… Yes, correct, it’s refined and Dare-devil… In its body the volume of alcohol traditionally makes up 40%. I would compare getting acquainted with this whisky with the relations with a young refined and polite lady. This is the case when a young lady uses floral perfume, and lipstick and eye shadows with refined taste. I myself would break the rule set in Scotland and address the whisky as “Madame”.

 Appearance – Light, non-sticky, with distinct pale amber highlights.

First Nose – Young, not bitter, mild citrus, more exactly, orange citron notes. From the second “touch” we can read honeycomb, fragrance of field flowers and fruit notes.

Palate – Moderate sweetness, without over-covering alcohol, citrus citron and “gulabi” pear aroma. The composed repetition of aroma and taste is noticed. The tulip glass, i.e. the nose glass is especially suitable for this type of drink. To give the direction to the aromatic bunch towards the nose, never use the classic prism shots.

I myself would drink this whisky at the week-ends during the whole day with 20-30gram portions.

As for water, this is my subjective opinion, I never add water in whisky glass; however, an exception is only “TALISKER 54”.

Like many other single malt whisky, “Corona” or “Petit Corona” size Cigar matches well with SPEYBURN.

 Gastronomy and SPEYBURN: tastes are not arguable but if we pair whisky with some meals, according to Scottish rule, the whisky should be diluted with water at 2/3. I would pair SPEYBURN with fruit salad, or with pear or apple strudels. Though, SPEYBURN is a wonderful digestive drink.

Giga Khatiashvili